How is HCG Drops Manufactured?

HCG is a drug that has been in the market for quite a while now, it is reported by many to be a miracle drug that works rather well. Even so there are many disputed claims if the drug works many do not know how to make the drug. Below are 3 ways in which HCG is manufactured.

HCG Manufactured Naturally

HCG is a hormone made naturally by pregnant women in extremely amounts. If you are a pregnant woman you can produce to an amount of more than 280,000 units per day, in this way through urine, thus when collected on a day to day basis then dried into a powder. In it you have to add bacteriostatic water into it to kill and other germs that are found in the powder then sterilize it more. The bacteriostatic water should have some alcohol in it so that it can help the remedy stay longer.

Pharmaceutical HCG Injections and drops

Pharmaceutical HCG is done in a rather simpler way. Armed with 125 units of international powder you have to mix it with sterile. However if you are buying it from a clinical facility you will find it already mixed for you. This way you then have to take it as an inject able into your blood stream once a day. You may also prefer injecting it as when you take it orally not everything is absorbed and it has an unpleasant taste and you have to take it twice a day.

Homeopathic HCG

This s manufactured the same way as the previous ways of manufactured HCG. You have to have 125 international units of HCG .However in this step you have to add vitamin B12 and pass through a lot of other procedures in order to reduce the side effects of the HCG. This way once you take it into your blood stream you won’t have severe reactions.