All You Need to Know About HCG Drops

With new and never heard before weight loss solutions hitting the market every single day, very soon, it is going to be nearly impossible to know which one works and which one does not. If lately you have been looking for ways on how you can lose weight, it is obvious you have heard of HCG drops weight loss product. Now, does it really work or it is one of those hyped products that will leave with you with tons and tons of side effects after. Here are a few things that you need to know about HCG drops.

What is it?

HCG drop is basically a simple drop that can be placed under the tongue. It comprised of human chroriogonadotropin hormone and, many at times, it can be found in shakes and other products. It can be administered daily through oral drops or injections.

Side Effects

Practically, before you start using any weight loss product, it is obvious you will want to know the kind of side effects you can get after using it. Medically, just like any other weight loss product, HCG drop also comes with its own share of issues and below are a few side effects that you can get. These side effects can vary from one user to user; besides, a number of them are very rare, but can be disastrous.

Abnormal swelling and pains

Nausea and vomiting

Weight gain

Infrequent urination



With the number of side effects you can net from this weight loss product, it is possible many people might decide not to use it. However, if used properly, the amount of benefits you can rake in makes it worth trying out.

Many people who have used it have actually lost a significant amount of weight. Besides, when these drops are combined with low calories diet, the success rate can be relatively high.

This product can significantly reduce hunger pangs and appetites thus helping when it comes to overall weight reduction. As if that is not enough; it is quiet easy to use; you just place the drops beneath the tongue.


Other than a few side effects you can net from HCG drops, there are also other bad things about these weight loss drops you need to be aware of.

  1. This product has not been approved and many studies are still being carried. For now, it is still considered not safe for used
  2. Secondly, there have been reports that the kind of weight loss you can achieve from this product is temporary
  3. Thirdly, weight loss depends largely on the amount of calories you take it rather than the number of drop you take.


Bottom line; although this product has not been proven to work, if what has been said by many people is anything to go by, then HCG drops weight loss product is worth trying. It can in a way bring down your intake of calories and boost your metabolism rate and eventually help you to lose weight. So if you have always wanted to shade those extra fats, this is what you should actually start using.