Side Effects and Dangers of HCG Diet

HCG called the human chorionic gonadotrophin is produced by pregnant women to maintain their pregnancy. It has been developed to treat medical conditions such as infertility in women and increase sperm count in men. However many dieters are turning to this hormone as a method of losing weight. This is illegal and it is banned by the food and drug administration, the FDA ,as it has been associated with a number of side effects some of which could be potentially fatal.

The HCG diet is usually a combination of the HCG hormone and intake of a very low calorie diet, as low as 500 calories. The side effects mainly are a result of the starvation the person causes by not eating a good meal. It was initially thought that the hormone causes redistribution of fat in the body but this claim was later proved to be wrong. Weight loss is mainly because of caloric restrictions and the placebo effect. People on this diet are not allowed to take more than one vegetable in a meal and should not use oil or body lotions.

Some of the side effects of HCG Diet include headache, depression, dizziness, fatigue, irritability and restless. these side effects are caused by the fact that the body and especially the brain is not getting enough calories to maintain its normal functions. This diet can trigger serious eating disorders and also causes edema as there is increased fluid retention. Edema is potentally fatal to both the heart and the kidney. Because of the injections potentially fatal blood clots are likely to form.

One of the most fatal side effect of this diet is that it causes ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome. This is because the ovaries are excessively stimulated and they end up being enlarged. The symptoms of this condition include severe pelvic pain, stomach pain, diarrhea, shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting. This is usually a cause of death if not treated immediately.

Another side effect of this diet is that it causes testicular tumors. Therefore in will cause prostrate cancer in persons who are at a high risk. It is also known to worsen prostrate cancer in those already suffering from the disease. If used during pregnancy this diet causes birth defect to the unborn child. It is also known to increase chances of multiple pregnancy which is a risk to both the mother and the child. It has also been reported by most people on this diet that they develop a rash. This because the body is producing more toxins than normal and they end up accumulating causing the rash.

Due to poor nutrition and rapid loss of weight one is predisposed to developing gall stones. The body might also start breaking down muscle as well as fat to compensate for the reduced calories and proteins. These could be very dangerous to your health. Also there is increased chances of weight gain after the diet is complete because during that period of losing weight the body depended on the hormone to maintain normal metabolic rate. Soon after, the body tries to get things back to normal and the result could be obesity which causes heart diseases.

Although most women in the child bearing age and have been on this diet before could still get pregnant, they however might have immunized themselves of the hormone which is usually used to maintain the pregnancy by developing the antibody to the hormone and this might cause problems when the woman finally becomes pregnant. It is also known to cause an imbalance of electrolytes that keep the body muscles and nerves functioning properly.

Therefore the side effects of HCG Diet are much more than the benefits and one is supposed to try other ways of weight loss first.